Mission Statement

Holy Family Traditional Catholic School is dedicated to providing a Traditional Roman Catholic Education principled in the truth of the Faith and empowering its students as its future guardians. Coupled with academic excellence – in all its course offerings – students of Holy Family Traditional Catholic School will be ready to safeguard the Faith and serve as future leaders throughout the world.

We listen to the words of Pope Saint Leo XIII:

It is necessary not only that religious instruction be given to the young at certain fixed times, but that every other subject taught be permeated with Christian piety. If this is wanting, if this sacred atmosphere does not pervade and warm the hearts of masters and scholars alike, little good can be expected from any kind of learning, and considerable harm will often be the consequence.

By providing the highest standards of traditional Roman Catholic education to its students, the consciences of the students will be formed through Catholic moral teaching, weekly Mass, Catholic prayers, and the Catholic perspective permeating each subject taught.

With the divine help and intercession of the Holy Family, for whom our school is named, your children will receive the prescription laid down by Pope Leo XIII and therefore be better prepared to face higher levels of education and life itself with the heart and soul that God intended them to have.